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3cbee-obama-2012-sotuHere is the content.  Also some pictures.  I will be able to edit the way the posts appear on the home page on the full WordPress site (which requires a domain name, etc.).  I will only display the first 100-200 words before a jump, like on the current site, so that readers can view more items, and are required to click on a post to read the whole thing (more clicks = better SEO).

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The Decline and Fall of Shared Governance at UC

President Napolitano’s formal proposal for a new pension tier has been posted in the Agenda for next week’s Regents’ Meeting.  I do not have time today to offer a detailed reading of it (although Chris and I hope to have something up soon). But on first glance it does differ in some significant ways from the majority positions of the Retirement Options Task Force that President Napolitano had appointed last fall. The pension options for faculty (especially faculty who are hired at a salary below the PEPRA cap) appear to be better than the ROTF proposed while the pension options for staff are worse than the ROTF proposed.  One thing that hasn’t changed is that retirement benefits for the proposed 2016 Tier will be worse than for the 2013 Tier, let alone the 1976 Tier that includes all pre-2013 employees.

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